Alit Mineral Cosmetics – Naturally You.



Alit is an Australian- made cosmetics range that has been developed for real women. Women that love to look good and care about themselves but down to earth at the same time. Alit Cosmetics offers a natural alternative to conventional cosmetics, without compromising on performance or durability.

If we were to choose 5 words/phrases to describe ourselves they would be-
Down to earth / sustainable / real/ natural & environmentally friendly.

Our makeup range is made of 100% minerals and natural ingredients. It’s free from toxins and cheap fillers, such talc and parabens, as well as being free from irritants like bismuth oxychloride. The formulations work in harmony with the skin to not only cover imperfections but to help improve skin tone for a natural long-lasting glow.

All of our skincare products are enriched with antioxidants, minerals, native Australian botanical oils, vitamins, herbal extracts and gentle acids which all help revitalize and nourish the skin. They all maintain its moisture level, elasticity and provide you with a luminous complexion.

As you will see at the Alit boutiques- We believe that natural should be a way of living. That is why we have designed our boutique counters from locally sourced materials as well as manpower. All our skincare is in glass jars or bottles, all of our prints on 100% recycled paper. Our boutiques offer only paper bags to help encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. We also use only vegan makeup brushes that come with a lifetime guarantee.