Against Animal Testing

It is widely known that many products, cosmetics included, are tested on animals before getting into the human trials phase. Even though this might seem rational to some, lots of times, these tests are harsh enough to cause permanent damage to the animals or could even be catalogued as torture or cruelty. What is worse, they are tested on particularly healthy animals in order to “evaluate” the possible damage of the products. More than 100 million animals every year suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics tests.

As time goes by, cosmetics that involve animal testing…

are being outlawed in many countries. Europe; the world’s largest cosmetic market, Israel and India have already banned animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of imported animal-tested beauty products. This is for evidence that it is indeed a foul practice and that there are enough alternatives in order to guarantee safety for both humans and animals. Animals, who also deserve their natural health, which our products shouldn’t be taking away.

According to The Humane Society, China alone sees over 300,000 animal deaths due to testing in the cosmetic industry. Polls reveal that in both Canada and Australia, over the 80% of people agree on the need for a national cosmetics testing ban. It is important to keep supporting those products that don’t need new ingredient testing on animals and guarantee their products are not only safe for humans, but also towards other species by not submitting them to cruel processes.

There are ways to keep this from happening: thousands of ingredients are already known to be safe for humans, so using them is a popular choice for brands that promote animal safety. Also, test tube methods are now advanced enough to test new ingredients in a cruelty-free environment and avoid causing any more harm. The consequences of using old methods can go from skin and eye irritation, to complete blindness and even death (in both short and long term periods). By force-feeding the ingredients to the animals, in order to “discover” the deathly doses of certain components, or their involvement in triggering diseases such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory and cardiac problems.

Products should demonstrate they involve no animal tests during their research and development processes. That way, it not only assures that no animals are being harmed but also a bigger understanding about the importance of life, caring for it and a less anthropocentric vision (meaning we believe we’re the centre of the world and everything revolves around us) that commonly places humans and our interests above anything else.

Share the information and stay updated. To keep fighting not only means to be against animal testing in the cosmetic industry, but also to know what is real, what is not and which alternatives are out there that need to be put on the spotlight, in order to stop taking animals lives, along with their beauty and life quality, just to assure our own.

Stop it from happening, look for the rabbit symbol.
Alit Cosmetics products are NOT tested on animals