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Mineral Blush (Pink Parakeet)
Skye (Perth, WA, AU)
Glam wow!

I remember using this when I was younger as it was in a shopping centre and I sat down feeling welcome and enjoyed the experience and trial and bought some of my own and absolutely loved it. I later realised Alit was no longer there and didn’t think to look further, but eventually realised I NEEDED this make up back in my life and wow, glam wow is the way to put it. It get regular compliments on how much I glow and how lush it is on the skin and it is so gentle since my skin is sensitive and I honestly cannot get enough and with how pigmented each product is, and to add that it is also natural just makes it even better 😍

Pure You Cleansing Gel
Lauren (Perth, WA, AU)
Love love love!

This product is great for leaving your face feeling refreshed!

BBe You Cream
R.w. (Perth, WA, AU)
Beautiful BB

I have been using the BB cream for about 6 months and love it. It gives a good coverage without being heavy and feels great on my skin. Thank you Alit!

New Product!

One of the many things that I love about Alit is that they are always investing in new products with our needs at heart. This new product was gifted to me as a sample and it was amazing!

such an awesome mascara

I haven't come across such an awesome mascara that uses predominantly natural products.
I stumbled across these magical cosmetics a few months ago and I'm loving them. I purchased both winter and summer shades of powder foundation, eye shadows, blush, highlighter, mascara - the list goes on. The best natural cosmetics I've come across and even better that they are in Perth and I can get face to face advice if I need it.
You won't be disappointed with any of your purchases.

BBe You Cream
extremely happy

I have been a part of the Alit Family for many years now. I only use Alit products for my foundation and makeup. I am extremely happy with Alit's products and customer care.
I love the texture and fragrance of the BBEe You Cream, as well as it is a good light cover for all day. Thanks Alit for all your hard work.

Perfect for perioral dermatitis

I am using the Sooth Me cleanser, super drop complex and powder. I suffer with Perioral Dermatitis and this is the only product I have found that does not aggravate my skin. It feels light on the skin also. This colour match is good and am happy with the final results when applied.

love your products

I have been using Alit products for many years now and absolutely love them.
I have just discovered the smooth Operator Primer and wow what an amazing difference it makes to how my makeup looks and how my skin feels all day. Thank you Alit I probably would not have tried it if I didn’t receive a free sample with my last order, now I am hooked and ordering a large bottle... love your products .. thank you

Highly recommend!!

I use these products everyday now, my skin use to get red and itchy constantly at work, so not only does it have a flawless look it's like a barrier to stop my skin from reacting. Lasts a long time too and doesn't expire. Highly recommend!!

Just love them!

My journey started with using the SUPER DROP FACE OIL which immediately showed a vast improvement to my skin. I then teamed it with the lemon and juniper FOAMING CLEANSER (which also smells amazing) and again, further improvement! I could have stopped there as I was feeling pretty confident about my skin, however I have since begun using the DEW TONIC before applying my oil and my skin is amazing. I now feel confident to leave the house without makeup if I wish to.

Love them!

I love the smell of the spot treatment, and super drop oil and foundation is amazing. They are so gentle and nice smelling for my skin. Love them.

I love these products

I first tried Alit Cosmetics at the woman expo and have been using it ever since! I use the BB cream and the flawless powder combo (if going out) or just the powder on it’s own and my skin always look like it’s glowing, without actually looking like I’m wearing makeup. I’d highly recommend. I love knowing there’s no nasties too, thank you Alit!

Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality
These products are absolutely amazing. I have been using a broad range of Alit Cosmetic products now and cannot fault them. Their eye shadow pots are absolutely amazing when paired with the concealer, bringing out the pigment in the colour.

My favourite of them all!

Great Product
My fav is the lash opener mascara. It's not too thick and gluggy, but darkens and lengthens nicely. Best of all, it does not irritate my eyes, which is my main issue with most mascaras, even the natural ones.

Thanks Alit :)

Liquid gold

Super Drop lives up to its name, LOVE this product. Not only do I use it as a moisturiser and a primer, I’ve been using it on surgery scars, SO much better than Bio oil.

Lash Opener Black Mascara
Heather Goldsmith (Perth, WA, AU)
Best products ever

I have loved every product I have ever tried. My latest purchase, the award winning mascara is even better than expected. Highly recommended.

Flawless Powder – SPF20 Mineral Foundation
Kylie Edinger (Perth, WA, AU)
Fantastic products

I’ve been using Alit for years. Was so happy when I stumbled upon them. I mostly use the mineral foundation. The powder and Bb cream are both so easy to wear and feel so good on your skin. There is a good variety of shades. Highly recommend!

Great Product

Love the mineral powder foundation! Goes on nicely, especially after the super drop serum, which I also really like. The powder is enough coverage but natural looking still and gives me a nice glow. My fav though is the lash opener mascara. It's not too thick and gluggy, but darkens and lengthens nicely. Best of all, it does not irritate my eyes, which is my main issue with most mascaras, even the natural ones.

Thanks Alit :)

BBe You Cream
H.J. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
BB cream

Absolutely loved the BB cream. The smell and the coverage are just perfect. I also love the feel and smell of the primer. Love this company and the cute personalised note and crystal I got packaged in. Thought it was really beautiful and brightened my day 💖💖

Eyebrow Powder
Lauren (Perth, WA, AU)
Fantastic powder for amazing brows

This is an amazing powder that when applied makes you brows pop!

Tranquila Floral Mist
Megs (Perth, WA, AU)
add on: Eyeshadow pallet
Soooooo good!

Springtime my allergies cause havoc, this spray is amazing at soothing itchy, irritated eyes and face, plus it sets my makeup beautifully! Even relieved the itchiness of mozzie bites on my daughters arm.

Lash Opener Black Mascara
T. (Perth, WA, AU)
Lash opener mascara

Confession of a Traitor .. I had crossed over to the 'other side' - purchased a top dollar mascara at a department store only to ditch it 4 days later due to itchy & scratchy eyes! I should have trusted Alit as i have for the past 2 years with all her clean beauty & skincare products that are a stand-out & faultess. And the Lash Opener mascara that i ended up buying - light & breezy. No reaction. Perfecto .

Base Camp - Concealer & Eye Primer
Naomi (Mullaloo, WA, AU)
Base Camp Concealer

I now know why this product has won 2 awards! It is silky smooth and so easy to apply. It soaks into the skin perfectly leaving it feeling fresh and helps with those dark/red patches on my fair skin, I just love it and it is now my go to. Thank you Alit for another amazing product 💛

The Kabuki Brush
Cara (Perth, WA, AU)
Best Kabuki Brush

This is the best Kabuki Brush I have used. I have two so I can wash one each week and always have a clean dry one to use.

Flawless Powder – SPF20 Mineral Foundation
Susan patterson (Perth, WA, AU)
Long lasting

I love this makeup as it is still on my face at the end of the day. Easy to apply and looks great. Love love love