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Super Drop - a must have

Love love love
I use it every day under my flawless powxer. It has helped my skin and provides a perfect base for my foundation. I am so glad I bought my Alit kit at a local show.

Gentle Eye Magic Base

I have never used a product like this before. What a difference it has made, gentle and nourishing and the perfect base coat for Alit's stunning eye shadow range. It ensures your eye makeup looks beautiful all day (or night) long. I am deeply impressed by this product. I will never again simply put colour straight onto my skin. Thank you Alit.

Light feeling, beautiful product

I love this light, glowing make up powder. I don't like wearing a lot of make up but generally wear this powder daily to work. It's beautiful!

So Natural

Just love the BBe you cream! So light & easy to apply! Doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything but looks just amazing with full coverage! Just love it!!

Just like velvet!

This primer is devine and leaves your skin feeling like velvet which makes make up application a breeze and smooth!

Amazing Product! Great coverage but so natural looking!

I love ALIT makeup and have been a big fan of the Happy foundation powder for a few years now. I love the powder foundation, but was really wanting to use a liquid foundation, but struggled to find a natural one on the market that I liked . When the BB You was released, I rushed to try it and haven't looked back! Absolutely LOVE this stuff. It goes on easily, is lightweight, matches my skin really well and looks so natural. Highly recommend this!!!

Great for dry skin!

I really love this product. I have dry skin that gets patchy when I'm in the pool a lot over summer. I've been applying every morning under my Alit foundation and have had no dryness whatsoever. My skin usually feels tight and irritable at times too, especially after I get out of the shower. I apply a small amount of the serum and I've honestly had no issues this season, I highly recommend.

Great product

I absolutely love the Super Drop Complex-Natural Face Serum. I was a bit skeptical about this when it was first recommend to me as I am in my 30's and have had oily skin for the last 20 years. I gave it ago and it has been great for my oily skin.
I only use at night before bed (as I use the Alit Moisture Boost Cream + AHA for day time as it more lightweight) and I rub any excess on my neck off on my neck and elbows to keep that skin nice and supple. I also put it on my lips and I find that I very rarely use lip balm now.
The bottle is relatively expensive but as you don't need to use much, it lasts for ages. In my view, it is worth the investment to get a quality product.

Amazing for sensitive skin

I absolutely love this oil! Having very sensitive skin I am always wary of the products I use and it’s been great to find something that nourishes my skin without the reaction. Thank you so much 😊


I have been using this foundation from day 1 and it is amazing! Light, yet offers great coverage! And is AMAZING for your skin

Looks so natural

I love this cream. It blends perfectly with your skin for a natural look. Perfect for daily use. Can’t live without it.

Best Mineral Powder ever

This product is the best mineral powder I’ve ever used. It’s so versatile, easy to use and gives perfect coverage. Perfect for any skin type but in particular for those who haven problems with redness.

Amazing product !

I tested the joyful powder and it changed totally my life !!! I cannot spend one day without it now because my skin is so perfect with it ! And I have less acnea since I started :) thx a lot alitcosmetics for your kind recommandation during the yoga showroom where i met you !


Finally cosmetics that my skin loves!
I’ve noticed such an improvement to blemishes since using the foundation.
It feels fresh & has a natural glow.
Also love how a little goes a long way so you aren’t constantly restocking like other liquid foundations.

Delectable drops!

I absolutely LOVE this oil, it makes my skin feel amazing and what a perfect base for my wonderful GLOW powder which one of my daughters keeps stealing LOL - I have combination skin but this oil works magically all over my face. Thank you so much 😊

Great for dry skin

Have been using this for about 3 weeks now. My skin used to be so dry that simply washing my face in water made it tight & angry. Now using this oil it feels amazing all the time!

I love this product

I have just started using this product over the past 2 weeks and I am loving it. I am a 50 year old farmer who is outside a lot and I put this product on morning and night and I also use it under my Alit Cosmetic range when I am going out socially. I wish I had taken a picture of my face before I started using it, because I am sure I have seen changes in my face already. I will definitely keep using this product. I use it in conjunction with the Super Drop Face Oil.

Perfect for every day use

It’s been a few weeks now since I started using the BBe You cream and I love it. It has great coverage for every day use. I don’t like wearing make up , 1. I can’t be bothered and 2. I normally break out in nasty sore pimples when I do, but since finding this I have been able to apply quick and easily every morning before work, nothing fancy needed and it gives me a nice even complexion with out the nasty heavy greasy feeling for the whole day.

Oily/acne prone skin review

Doesn’t matter how good my diet is, I still get oily and blemished skin.

This oil is amazing for my skin, however, I do still need to use a moisturiser underneath it

Super drop

Loving this product, you can feel it re hydrating

Fantastic Product

This product is amazing. It is a perfect base for the BB cream or on its own. It is very soothing and feels beautiful on your skin. It is extremely hydrating and I noticed a significant improvement in my skin pretty much immediately. It takes away any sign or feeling of dryness or dehydration, but remarkably is not oily or greasy. A truly brilliant product.

Lash Opener Mascara

I started using this product a couple of weeks. I have tried so many other brands and by the middle of the day I just want to remove the mascara due to irritated eyes. So far it has been great and not having any of those issues.

Love it

I love this Kabul brush. I've got a few but this one is the best one. Expensive but excellent quality.

Love the Loose Mineral Blush

I have been loving all my products that I bought from Alit but especially the Loose Mineral blush - Ayers Rock that was recommended for me. I was super skeptical of this colour but I have had so many compliments on how youthful I'm looking! Just a tiny amount on the cheeks and eyelids and blend blend and you have a pretty radiant look for everyday wear. The range being Vegan is also very important to me, thank you Alit.

You have got to try this

I don't bother looking for anything else, as I have everything I need right here. Have used Alit's products for a number of years and does not disappoint. Distance is no matter as delivery online is super quick to your doorstep. Spoil yourself and try a makeover. You deserve it.

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