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Youth Protect Day Cream
Stacy (Perth, WA, AU)
The best environmentally friendly products

Alit provides the best products, they may cost a little more but they last 3 times longer for me xxx

Selenite Satin Spar Log
I.P. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Loved the 6.1kg Salenite log

I cannot wait to use it in assisting my clients through my Success Healing Melbourne business. It will assist so many people on their healing journey.

Multitasker Coloured Cream
Lucky T (Perth, WA, AU)
The most trusted natural Ingredients for me

I have very sensitive skin. I have tried all the make up brands which are mentioned “natural”. But don’t work for me!

I used to have a lipstick from other brands, I found that my lip was getting darker(pigmentation). Then I changed to Alit lipstick, the pigmentation was gone slowly. It took time maybe few years(can’t really remember now)

Alit product is very light, feel have nothing to put on my face even on my sensitive eyes.

Thank you to the very helpful and honest lady who always being patient to serve me.

Love love love

Super Drop Complex - Natural Face Oil
Jasmine Graham (Perth, WA, AU)
The best face oil there is

My wife introduced me to this face oil and it is great for my combination skin. It’s worth the investment as the 100ml bottle lasts for ages and works wonders.

I love this cruelty-free mascara. Makes my eyelashes really big!

I love Alit’s mascara and lipstick. Both are cruelty-free and wear well.


I ordered recently the mineral powder foundation called "Joy"and the colour is perfect. The package arrived with a couple of little gifts of a small face oil and a cream foundation, along with a beautiful message. I was touched by the care and thoughtfulness along with beautiful products. Thanks Alit ❤️

Adore these products!

I’ve been using the Glow mineral powder foundation make up for around 5 1/2 years now and am still loving it! I started using it when I was pregnant with my son as I wanted a natural product. I always get compliments on how good my skin looks when I’m wearing it. It has great coverage and it feels super light to wear.

I also love the Smooth Operator Primer. It is probably the best primer I’ve come across as it’s not heavy, you only need a really small amount and once you put it on, it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all but gives you a beautifully smooth and soft base.

I order these products every few months and the delivery is always super fast, within only a few days. They always come with a hand written thank you note and a special little gift.

Love their products and their personal touch and customer service is second to none. Would highly recommend Alit Cosmetics ❤️

I’ve been using Alit’s mineral foundation in combination with Alit’s SuperDrop oil for years and am happy that it works for my sensitive skin. It is light and you don't need concealer with it. Just apply a little more in areas that you like more coverage (eg. if you get a red nose like me!). And the owner, Alit, is a lovely human too!

I’ve been using Alit’s products for years and this bad boy is a game changer for all skin types! It helps combat dryness from aeroplane travel or air conditioning, it helps with oily combination skin, it helps nourish your skin and prevent breakouts, and its a perfect primer under their mineral foundation. As someone with sensitive skin, I adore this product.

Glow Drops Vitamin C Serum
Jacqui (Perth, WA, AU)
Vit C serum

To my surprise as a gift I received a vit c serum when opening my rather large order of foundation, eyebrow powder, lipstick, bronzer etc. I did not use it initially. I had some time this particular evening & decided to give it a go a couple of days later. My skin almost instantly felt & appeared radiant, plump & firm. Vit c serum is on my new order & I look forward to using it again.

Glow Drops Vitamin C Serum
N. (Perth, WA, AU)
OMG! I love this product 💛

I have just used this serum followed by the moisture boost night cream and my skin feels super soft and fresh. What I love most about these products is that they are natural and organic. You are amazing Alit x

Youth Protect Day Cream
Celeste tucker (Perth, WA, AU)
LOVE LOVE LOVE these products

I use the Serums, Day Cream, BB cream and mineral powders .. since using these products I get so many compliments on my skin :-). And Alit is amazing, highly recommend all her products and treatments

This is just the best so light with full coverage

Absolute favourite ♥️

Smooth Operator Primer
Tegan Farley (Perth, WA, AU)
Love this product!

Alit recommended this product with her lovely powder and together they are the bomb - so smooth and silky, love these products!

Flawless Powder – SPF20 Mineral Foundation
Tegan Farley (Perth, WA, AU)
Comfortable smooth powder, feels soft and silky!

Make sure you get the primer and the kabuki brush - making this powder so easy to apply and silky smooth! My skin loves it!!

The eye serum is light to apply and my eyes love it, Thank you Monica

Thank you Alita, now I 'only love' your beautiful lipstick colour :) Monica

Best makeup range ever

Bought flawless powder (Happy, I apply it with my fingers and the finish is just so natural), mineral blush, eye shadow, super drop complex and mascara : BEST makeup range EVER ! Very natural and confortable to wear.
Alit took the time to explain everything, and help to choose the best colour combination for olive skin. Alit, you are such a star!
Thank you. Merci 🥰

Thank you!

It is not often you come across customer service this good. Ordered mascara and foundation one day, it arrived the next with an unexpected thank you note and lovely little gift. Thank you!
plus I loveeee these products of their !

Highly recommend Alit’s product

Highly recommend Alit’s products- I have use the Sooth Me Cleansing Cream & Super Drop Face oil and the . Both were extremely soft and gentle and didn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin (combination adult acne/rosacea). I really appreciated Alit’s personalised service, she took the time to call and discuss the products before she sent them to me. Thank you Alit!

Great Mascara

I am really pleased with my Alit's mascara, works very well and goes on without a blemish