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In love with Alit Cosmetics

I have been using the foundation for what must be nearly a decade and it has been perfect for my sensitive combination skin! I seriously won’t use anything else. I have just purchased and tried their BBe you cream and it’s also amazing. I’m so grateful these products are in my life. Thanks Alit xx

Love My Powder Mineral Foundation

I love my powder mineral foundation (in glow) by Alit! It has great coverage for what I want, the colour is gorgeous, and it doesn't clog my pores. I have been using Alit's products for a while and when I moved over east I tried some other products but I just didn't love them as much, so now I am back using my powder foundation! Highly recommend trying them out!

WTH ! ... what the hell .. 2 compliments so soon !!

Within the first week of using the Super Drop Complex Serum I received 2 compliments - firstly a work colleague (being a nurse) asked me if I had had any "work" done to my face !! And secondly my husband said my face was looking really good ( I was being a couch potato with my pjs on... aka NO make up on). Thankfully the Super Drop serum is doing its 'thing' for me #winning 😉

Absolutely Fabulous

Never, will I ever use any other make up other than Alit! I often receive compliments about my make up on a regular basis. I promote Alit at every possible opportunity. Alit make up is Absolutely Fabulous. The cherry on top is that Alit cares just as much about the planet as I do.

Tranquila Floral Mist

Like all the other products i have used i cannot fault the Tranquila Floral Mist, your face feel so refreshed.

Thanks guys for awesome products.

Eyes Galore

Beautiful set with everything you need. Gorgeous colours, love how they are so versatile. Brushes are light and soft.

Whole purchasing experience was so lovely, feel like you are being personally thought of and cared for.

Smooth Operator Primer

Love at first wear

Love love love this mineral foundation. First tried it around Christmas 2012 when I got a free makeover with the products. I haven't worn liquid foundation since. The powder is easy to apply, looks flawless and my skin has never looked better :)

Flawless Foundation

I use this product every day. Wonderful coverage and amazing in my skin.

Lightweight brushes with soft bristles.

This brush set had all the brushes I required. The bristles are lovely and soft and I enjoy the way they feel on my face. Thanks Alit for putting together a great comprehensive brush set! :)

Reason for removing a star is that the kabuki brush and concealer brush both left fallout on my face on multiple occasions. I wasn't expecting the bristles to fall out in such an expensive set. Also the dual end eye brush (detail/pencil brush) needed to have some longer flyaway bristles trimmed by hand to match the rest of the brush shape. Once again, I expected a more professional product for this price.

They have a very lightweight feel in the hand if you are used to using more robust brushes, however this is ok in my opinion as they are easy on your wrist and require little effort to use.

Great Kabuki Brush for mineral foundation

The Alit Kabuki Brush is great for their mineral foundation. I love it so much I have two so I can always wash one regularly and have the other there to use. Highly recommend x

Love your products

Really awesome oil!!

I actually saw results after using this oil for one day! I had a beautiful experience where one of the girls matched me up with my perfect shades of foundation, blush and eyeshadow. It was so pampering. Under the foundation she used just 3 drops to moisturise my skin and used 1 drop to mix with prefer to use as a concealer. I was surprised with the result as my face still looked dewy even though I had powder on. This amazing little oil made all the difference. I love how they offer different size bottles so you can try the product for a while before committing to a larger purchase.

It made my skin so soft and moisturised and normally my skin is dry at the end of the day when wearing mineral makeup. I didn't want to wash my face as it felt so lovely! So many skin loving ingredients are in this oil and they really pack a punch. It's definately the best face oil I've ever used and I've tried many. I decided to try this in the small trial size but I'll definately be getting more once I use up this little bottle! I highly recommend trying it.

Bonus points for being coconut oil free as coconut oil irritates my skin.

Best moisturiser ever!

No more creams or gels, toners! All I need is the Alit face serum to moisturise my face every day to Balance my skin. Since using this product (18+ months now) I’ve has so many compliments on my skin. It really is the best investment!


I absolutely love Alit! Their foundation is light and the perfect colour. I also adore Super Drop Complex-Natural Face Serum, just the price always makes me flinch :)

Smooth operator Primer

I love this product and use it daily. It provides a perfect surface for my mineral powder foundation and my skin looks smooth and fresh


This product is amazing, your face never feels oily. I am very happy that my daughter put me onto your products.



I've been using Alit's foundation since 2017 and it's just THE BEST foundation I've ever tried. It has great coverage and feels so light in the skin that I don't even notice I have make-up on. Gave one to my sister and she loves it as much as me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the mineral foundation, together with the Super Drop Complex and Kabuki brush (cannot live without this combo products anymore).

Great products

Love using these products

Best foundation I’ve ever used

I have pale, pale skin with melasma and prefer a thick coverage for foundation. It’s hard to find a shade to suit me without looking like a ghost or that’s thick enough for my liking. I was matched to shade 2 (proud) and was honestly blown away. For a mineral foundation I was surprised at how easy it was to layer to get the look I wanted. Never clogged pores or settled into my fine lines either! Because I used a lot each time and wore it every day, I went through the pot pretty quickly - but one pot lasted my sister 6 months which makes it great value! I’m trying to find a way to make it work it my budget. Buy it, you seriously won’t regret it.

Worth the price

Like that it doesn’t clog up my skin and the shade suit my skin well.

Loose Mineral Blush

I have finally found a makeup product that I can use with no reactions, I have super sensitive/allergy prone skin and have tried numerous products before trying Alit mineral cosmetics. From the foundation to my new mineral blush goes on so easily and looks amazing. All the comments I get on how great I look. I will never go back and have now converted my sister to Alit.
Thank you so much.

Love the products!

Loving this all natural product. Is nourishing for my sensitive, eczema prone skin. I use the super drop serum, rose cleaser and tea tree blend for blemishes. All are suitable for my fussy and asian complexion! I've recommended to friends and swaer by it. Also re the make-up products. Initial cost is expensive, but the quality is great and lasts long until the next purchase.

Good Work Alit Cosmetics

I live SOR and love how I can just get on the phone and ring Alit for my foundation powder, aptly named Happy. The person at the other end of the phone is always cheerful and helpful and most importantly remembers me, and my product is couried to me within 2 days...........Fabulous!

Eyes Galore

I got this gift set as a Mother’s Day gift❤️
It was the perfect one for me, as there are such a gorgeous range of colours! The brushes are also very super soft! I had been wanting to use the eye primer for a while actually, so this was the perfect gift for me. I’m really thankful :)

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