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Coconut & Shea Lip Butter

Coconut & Shea Lip Butter

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Our super hydrating Organic Coconut & Shea Lip Butter is created with the best lip-loving ingredients. With its 100% natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba, Coconut & Sweet Briar Rose...
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Our super hydrating Organic Coconut & Shea Lip Butter is created with the best lip-loving ingredients. With its 100% natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba, Coconut & Sweet Briar Rose oils it will protect your lips from chapping and drying all year round while feeling incredibly smooth and nourishing.

The Organic Lip Butter could be used perfectly by itself for a natural feel and look, but as well, you could mix it with one (or a few) of our pigments (the eyeshadows pots & blushes) to create your favourite lippy-shade :))

Some of the certified organic & edible ingredients :)

- Organic Beeswax -Protects lips from cracking, improves moisture, as well as protecting from a variety of pathogens.
- Organic Coconut Oil- A highly stable oil which is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.
- Organic Shea Butter-This unique butter provides optimum protection against moisture loss while it provides an anti-inflammatory remedy.
- Organic Jojoba Seed Oil- A golden coloured oil that has excellent moisturising and protective qualities.

  • 100% natural & cruelty-free
  • Can be used as it is or mix some pigments to spice it up 
  • Suitable even for the most sensitive lips
  • Great size to put in your bag & travelling 

Available in 5ml, 30ml




Elaeis Guineensis Oil *, Beeswax *, Coconut Oil *, Shea Butter *, Sunflower seed Oil *, Glycerin, Jojoba Seed Oil *, Rosa Eglanteria Seed Oil *, Fragrance [Natural Preservative], Tocopherol - Natural, Wild Soybean Oil * 

* Certified Organic  


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

I love my oil so much! Very hydrating and great for my blemish prone skin. It feels so smooth and luxurious

WTH ! ... what the hell .. 2 compliments so soon !!

Within the first week of using the Super Drop Complex Serum I received 2 compliments - firstly a work colleague (being a nurse) asked me if I had had any "work" done to my face !! And secondly my husband said my face was looking really good ( I was being a couch potato with my pjs on... aka NO make up on). Thankfully the Super Drop serum is doing its 'thing' for me #winning 😉

Tranquila Floral Mist

Like all the other products i have used i cannot fault the Tranquila Floral Mist, your face feel so refreshed.

Thanks guys for awesome products.

Really awesome oil!!

I actually saw results after using this oil for one day! I had a beautiful experience where one of the girls matched me up with my perfect shades of foundation, blush and eyeshadow. It was so pampering. Under the foundation she used just 3 drops to moisturise my skin and used 1 drop to mix with prefer to use as a concealer. I was surprised with the result as my face still looked dewy even though I had powder on. This amazing little oil made all the difference. I love how they offer different size bottles so you can try the product for a while before committing to a larger purchase.

It made my skin so soft and moisturised and normally my skin is dry at the end of the day when wearing mineral makeup. I didn't want to wash my face as it felt so lovely! So many skin loving ingredients are in this oil and they really pack a punch. It's definately the best face oil I've ever used and I've tried many. I decided to try this in the small trial size but I'll definately be getting more once I use up this little bottle! I highly recommend trying it.

Bonus points for being coconut oil free as coconut oil irritates my skin.

Best moisturiser ever!

No more creams or gels, toners! All I need is the Alit face serum to moisturise my face every day to Balance my skin. Since using this product (18+ months now) I’ve has so many compliments on my skin. It really is the best investment!

Coconut & Shea Lip Butter

Coconut & Shea Lip Butter
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