Copy of Organic Advance Facials

Our high-performance organic facials, created to be the perfect blend of Western technology & Eastern technics, combine Australian botanical toxin-free, organic & wildcrafted skincare with a wholesome wellness experience to bring you facials that are different from the average; leave you feeling glow & recharge.

A facial could be a once-in-a-while treat to celebrate some anniversary or brighten up a stormy week, or it could be to target a specific issue or even an essential part of your routine that you schedule, like clockwork.
Either way, lying on the table in our beautiful room here while we do our magic on you is always an excellent way to spend your afternoon.

But as 'facial' is also a broad term, covering many treatments like masks, peels & massages as well as IPL, Radio Frequency, Diamond Polar sessions and many more; we are here to make your life easier & will customise the session to your needs for a result-based & revitalise experience that you & your skin will love:)

So, look at our treatment menu, see what you would like to treat your skin & yourself with and come to see us to achieve your skin goals naturally.



Notox Revive Facial has been created with the thought of you in mind; the facial deeply replenishes skin complexion while giving you the recharge time and grounding space you deserve.

Our rich organic & wildcrafted skincare in the treatment feeds your skin with natural and active antioxidants, vitamins and minerals 

together with the use of crystal facial tools to help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for a glowing, radiant and more balanced complexion and your overall grounded, centered well-being.

45 minutes $185



Our natural age-defying facial is tailored to your skin's needs, targets various skin concerns, balances your skin, and produces a healthy glow while using our Alit's organic & wild-crafted skincare range for your whole no-tox, high-performance experience. 

With a wholesome, holistic approach, this facial combines powerful exfoliating and hydrating peel, organic serum layering, calming skin-food mask, and grounding holistic massage techniques like Gua Sha stone, Jade crystals or facials cups; to provide the ultimate soothing and hydrating facial while feeling super recharged and grounded. 

60 minutes $200



An organic high-performance facial for skin tightening & facelift from within.

This super relaxing facial combines the advanced technology of the Diamond Polar handpiece with grounding holistic massage techniques like Gua Sha stone, Jade crystals or facials cups while using our Alit's organic & wildcrafted skincare to provide the ultimate soothing and plumping facial while helping to create a lifted appearance naturally.

 The Grounded-Lift Facial highlights the incorporation of the Venus Versa™ Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields into it for best results. The technology uses heat energy to stimulate the body's natural healing response, helping to promote healthy blood flow and increasing collagen & elastin growth. This beautiful facial will give you immediate results of a plump, hydrated & glowing appearance.

60 minutes $250