Crystal Balanced Water Bottle

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These Crystal Balanced Water bottles are the bottles you need, as the stunning crystals charge the water with powerful energy for healing, grounding and balancing YOU.


Crystal water bottles are a great way to add more water to your day while enjoying the unique properties of various crystals. These bottles are more than just a pretty accessory; they can help to improve your overall mind clarity and are known by crystal enthusiasts to promote well-being. Some crystals are known to have specific properties that can benefit different areas of your life.

While each crystal is a unique and beautiful feature visually, it also infuses the water surrounding it with its energetic properties.

As we all know, drinking enough water daily is essential and will improve your overall well-being. But crystal-infused water is even more beneficial than plain water, as the crystals help to energise & cleanse the water, so like this, you're getting all the benefits of more refined water plus the extra energetic benefits from the crystal within.

When choosing your favourite crystal bottle, consider what you hope to achieve, as each crystal has specific properties that can help different areas of your life.

For you or for a gift for someone you love, choose from one ( or a couple :) from these options-

Rainbow Flourite- Psychic Stone. Control energy leached chakra. Used for energy alignment and blockage.

Rose Quartz- Romance stone, lower street and retention in the heart.

Amethyst Quartz -Balancing stone. Healing powers to the nervous system

Aventurine - Healing stone. Increase intellectual ability, perception and clarity.

Tiger Eye- Balance stone. Releasing fear and anxiety aids harmony and balance.

Obsidian Quartz -Throth-enhancing stone shields and absorbs negative energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the water taste different?

Generally, many people will say crystal-infused water has an energy that boiled or regular tap water does not.

How do I Clean the bottle?

Using warm water and mild soap - avoid using any harsh chemicals or detergents as this can damage the seals. 

Can I put other liquids in the bottle?

No, we only recommend using water in your bottle. Other liquids may damage the seals.

How do I energetically charge my crystal bottle?

Charging your bottle is simple - leave it empty in the moonlight for the night and fill it again in the morning. You can also put it on or near a Selenite log.

Do the bottles come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our bottles come with a 1-year warranty. We offer replacement warranties for any faults deemed to be the manufacturer's fault. This does not include general wear and tear, abuse, or misuse.

Can I put my bottle in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can store your bottle in the refrigerator if you like. We do not recommend freezing your bottle as this may damage the seals.

Can I use my bottle for hot beverages?

No, we only recommend using cold beverages in your bottle as the vessel is made of glass and will transfer heat to the hands and lips of the person who uses the bottle. The glass may ultimately crack as well under extreme heat.

My bottle leaks; what should I do?

If your bottle is leaking, first check the seal band at the bottom of the bottle and make sure it is sitting properly. Otherwise, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you.

Is my bottle dishwasher safe?

No, we do not recommend putting your bottle in the dishwasher as this may damage the bottle.

Can I travel with my bottle?

Yes, our bottles are perfect for taking on the go. They are made of durable glass and have a secure screw-on lid to prevent leaking.

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