Gua Sha Facial Stone

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 Enhance your beauty rituals with our Bian Store Gua Sha facial sculpting tool. Gue Sha tightens, smooth & plump the skin by reducing muscle tension of theface, releasing tension and smooths connective tissue, assisting with lymphatic drainage and stimulating blood circulation & energy flow.



Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese beauty practice that aims to stimulate circulation, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, and improve lymphatic drainage performed by scraping the skin firmly in long strokes with a solid massage tool — usually over the face, neck, arms, legs and back.

 Our Gua Sha facial tool is made of the unique Bian Stone and designed that each edge of it is designed to enhance the use of the facial gua sha for best performance & benefits.


How To Use

We will start by saying- its easy to use, and once you start, you will love this routine as its the real meaning of ME-TIME :)

we wrote you here the instructions on how to use the stone correctly but remember, the most important part of it- it's actually using it :) 

Read the steps and try and you will see after a couple of times it would come to you automatic- just start. 

It's best to use your black Gua Sha tool for 3 - 5 minutes daily (or whenever you have some you-time) for plump & glowing skin.

Most times, we wrote- SLIDE upwards/sideward etc., but, personally, I like massaging with more 'feathery' moves, like small scraping-like moves instead of one long pull. Have a try yourself and see what you prefer:)

In any case, remember always to move upwards and inside-out towards the lymphatic drainage for best results. 

So let's begin!


How to use Gua Sha

Start with a clean face and prep skin with the Super Drop Complex oil or some serum so that your Gua Sha tool can glide across your skin & repeat each move below at least five times for the best results.

Forehead: With either the smooth side or the thin 'brush' side, sweep the stone up from your eyebrows out to the hairline, covering the whole forehead.

Eyebrows: with the small curve of the stone, slide it over the eyebrows sideward- from the inner part of the eyebrow toward the temples with a slight pressure to relieve tension—an amazing move to practice to help with headaches and migraines. 

Under eyes: Gently sweep with the wide curve of the stone from the inner corner of the eye to the hairline, gliding on the cheekbones up & sideward.  

Cheekbones: With one of the smooth curved side, massage the muscle between the jaws in circular motions and then sweeps it sideward toward your hairline.

Lips: Glide over your lips back and forth large curve side for a plump look, then with a large spiky edge, above the lips, brush the skin down & side( imagine you stroking your moustache; )

Jawline & Chin: Move to the jawline and use the wide-curve or the straight edge side of the Gua Sha tool. Start from the chin and scrape until the earlobe, contouring the jaw & releasing tension.

Neck: at last, use the large brush-side of the stone and sweep from under the chin down the neck to continue the drainage process. Move around, in downward motions, each time starting at the top, until the whole neck has been done. 



The routine should take only 3-5 minutes, and at the end, your skin might look a bit red - don't worry — it's just the blood rushing to the surface, and it would calm down in a few minutes.

Remember, put the stone next to your face oil and try using it when you have a minute- you deserve it! 



100% Bian Stone

Please note the Bian Stone is a handcrafted stone and can break if dropped. Handle with care. 

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