3 questions to ask yourself before buying cosmetics

As you may know us by now, we love to keep it simple ( but the colourful version;) 
so we put together 3 simple questions you should ask yourself to know if a product worth your love♡

1. Read the ingredient list

Make sure it is simple and made of as many natural ingredients as possible.  If you try to read and its all sounds like a bigggg list of toxins.... its because that's what they are. Leave the product at the shop. You don't need it.

2. Is this suits YOUR way of living ?

Don't fall for the IG / YouTube and all the illusions of social media of what you 'SHOULD' look like....

Find what's make YOU happy, how quick YOU like to apply your makeup, what are the shades that's suits YOU not the latest style for this season.

3. How much it is really cost me ?

How long that product would last? Many times products would have cheap fillers so they would look larger but would last half of the time as you will need more for it to work. Same with quality, usually when you get cheaper options your skin noticed that and it either breakout, looks dull or just not improving as you wish to....

Remember to choose quality over quantity. 99% of times it's the case.

It is simple.

Don't believes what you see on the screen, magazines & marketing companies; learn what's good for you, know yourself and your values and stick to it - it will make you feel better, save some $ for the long term & look fabulous naturally;)