6 Tips for Minimalist Makeup 

It is important to us to provide our beautiful customers (you!) with natural products made of 100% toxin-free which gives you the ability to create a clean and fresh look that enhances who you are rather than hides who you are.

Here you will find 6 basic beauty enhancing tips for minimalist makeup! 

Tip 1: Minimalism

In the eyes of Alit; less is definitely better. This means a regular cleaning out of the makeup draw & bag, be sure to check expiration dates and to get rid of any makeup you haven’t used in the last 6 to 9 months. I can hear you now, “I might need that though!” whilst holding that electric blue eyeliner from 9th grade... but trust me, you won’t need it and by now, that should not be touching your skin. 

Think about your wardrobe, why you need soooo many clothes when you only wear 10 of them all… same with your cosmetics, you actually don't need so many items, decluttering will make you feel much more free, focus and can even improve your wellbeing. you should give it a try:)

Tip 2: Know your stuff

If you don’t know what’s in it, don’t use it. Make sure you read the ingredients list and if there are any ingredients you can’t pronounce or you don’t know what they are, you should definitely research it or just say goodbye to it. This helps you to avoid putting nasty chemicals and artificial materials on your skin that are more damaging and aren’t safe to use. it is only a matter of awareness and once you start looking into it you will be pretty shocked...so check what you wearing EVERYDAY on your skin ( the biggest organ of your body!) and combine it with the first tip we gave you up here; so your minimalistic cosmetic shelf will now be full with only nurturing, toxin-free, multi-use products that you LOVE.

Tip 3: Multi-Use Products

Once you’re ready to restock your minimalistic makeup draw, find products that have multiple uses! For example – an eye shadow that can also be used as a blush;(check our Boho or Morocco Pigment Pots). Another multi-use idea is a shimmery eye shadow that can be used as a highlighter like our Blind Date & timeless Pigment Pots. The more multi-purpose products you can find, the fresher you can keep your look and the tidier you can keep your makeup draw. 

Tip 4: Super Drop Complex + Flawless Mineral Powder = Fresh Look

We love using powder makeup. I know that the popular view is that a creamy makeup is more balanced on the face but in fact, it sinks into the creases and creates a tired and heavy look plus it will expire much faster than powder. For a fresher look we recommend applying a drop or two of the Alit’s Super Drop Complex on the skin and lightly rubbing it in, then follow by buffing some of the Alit Cosmetics SPF20+ Flawless Mineral Powder evenly into the skin. The combination of oil and powder creates a glowing, fresh look that will last all day and will give you a natural dewy finish.

Tip 5: What for where

Our favourite is using brighter colours around the eyes, such as light green, blue or a lighter brown if you want something more natural. 

For some reason, women often use darker shades around the eyes and generally, they will go for either black or dark brown but the problem that most times, it will make your eyes seem smaller and your overall look more serious.

when you use light colours, it gives the illusion of a larger eye, fresh and cheerful look. Try to branch out a little and step into the unusual, you will be surprised:)

For a pop of colour, we love using a nice shade of the Pigment Pot that matches the colour of the eyes and apply it along the lower lash line. you will find that wearing the powder this way, it will illusionary open your eyes, brighten your look &  lasts throughout the day. 

Usually, we will choose one or the other- bright lips or pop eyes otherwise it can be too much… but saying that, we do like to play and experiment with different shades and go out of our comfort zone:)

As well, with lips, don't forget to moisturise them every time you apply your skincare, you can use the Shea Lip Butter, Super Drop oil or even the Eye -Opener Serum for real lip treatment. 

Tip 6: Three Step Power Makeup

If you’re short on time and need a quick power look, we recommend still laying your base – using some of Alit Cosmetics BBe You Cream and set it with the Alit Cosmetics Flawless Mineral Powder or if you prefer the Oil + Powder combination use the Alit Cosmetics Super Drop Complex and Flawless Mineral Powder as mentioned in Tip 4. This will lightly brighten up your complexion. Follow your chosen foundation method with a good mascara (you can’t EVER go past a good mascara) and nice tinted lip butter.

And Viola! You have a quick three-step power makeup look that brightens up your already beautiful self!

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