Your Guide to a Basic Natural Beauty Look

At Alit we love a light natural look and natural is our middle name. So we would like to give you a little tutorial on how to achieve a basic natural look that makes you feel great and enhances your beauty. 

Let's start with laying the foundations, literally. 

Your very first step is to apply our favourite product that is perfect for everyone no matter the purpose - the Super Drop Complex. If you are on team Super Drop + Mineral Powder, you're going to want to pump two drops of oil onto your fingertips and lightly spread this onto your face and neck. You should then follow this step by applying your mineral powder using a kabuki brush. When applying your powder you should tap a small amount into the lid and press your kabuki brush firmly into the powder to ensure you get a solid grip on the powder without it poofing it everywhere (we all know how that feels). If you don't do this you will lose powder to the floor, sink, your shirt or your dresser and in the words of Alit herself "more money for me..." at the cause of your wastage- but we ain't about that here at Alit Cosmetics, we want you to get the most out of your products. 

Using the kabuki brush you should then firmly blend your powder into the skin. If you want a fuller coverage you should use small circular motions all over the face and neck; if you want a lighter more natural coverage you can use larger circular motions all over the face and neck. 

If you are team BBe You Cream, you can apply a pea-sized portion to your face and neck using a foundation brush or your fingertips after you have applied your Super drop Complex. Using your kabuki brush together with a small amount of the Flawless Powder acting as setting powder this time),  you can then go ahead and use a light circular motion to set & blend the foundation into the skin. 

A key tip that we take seriously here at Alit Cosmetics is to know your shade. You can find this out on the Alit Mineral Cosmetics website, email us your photo or even better; you can come into the store to meet the team and get matched with the correct colour in person, as we don't think no one like to look like a carrot….;)

Now that your foundations have been laid we can move on to the Cheekiest part of your basic natural beauty look - blush! 

As we love simple & quick application, we like using a colour that can double for your eyeshadow too, a great choice being JustFab which is a beautiful pinkie-peachy tone blush that can be shimmery where needed and matte when wanted-it's only matter of the way you apply). 

For the application, you should have an angled, soft blush brush. Similar to your mineral powder you should tap a small amount into the lid - think of it this way, if your face is the canvas, the lid is the palette. Now you can go ahead and dab your blush brush into the blush ( super- lightly as our powders SO pigmented), using stroke motions you can lightly press the brush to the apple of your cheek and stroke upward stopping before you hit the hairline. Ideally, you want the most pressure to be applied under the cheekbone to give you a slight contour at the same time. You will find that most of Alit's loose powder products have the potential to be shimmery as well as matte. The lighter the hand when applying, the more shimmery it will be thus meaning the more spread out and heavier the hand during the application, the more matte it will look. Therefore if you want a matte contour of the cheekbone this will require a firmer application with more blending - but we do love a good shimmer to brighten the day:). 

Next, we're gonna be applying some colour to the eyes. They say that 'the eyes are the window to the soul' so they should look good in the process, right? Using a very similar technique as the cheeks and using the same colour you can apply the JustFab, your favourite blush or Pigment Pot; to the whole eyelid, pressing a little harder on the upper eye bone and the outer corner for a slight contour & shading. If you like a light Smokey look you can add a darker shade under the eye along the lash line and blend it upward to the outer eyelid.  We then end up with a light Smokey eye that isn't too heavy for everyday wear. 

To finish your Basic Natural Beauty Look, you can fill in your eyebrows with the Brow butter or powder to match and shimmy some mascara onto the eyelashes; applying as heavy or light as you like for both- as we found good mascara is a MUST and will make a HUGE difference to your total look. 

And there we have it! A long-lasting natural look to enhance your already beautiful self. If you like a bit more of a pop of colour on the eyes or cheeks we can also recommend the Ayres Rock Blush which is an earthy orange like the beautiful Ayres Rock of course). 

We love the outrageous, the unique and the natural here at Alit and we want you to feel as beautiful as you are, so we hope this look makes you feel it! 

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