Easily repair & maintain your acid mantle

Acid mantle... what is that? 

The acid mantle is your first line of protection against pretty much everything that wants to hurt your skin; bacteria, cold wind, germ, the sun while it keeps your skin flexible and soft- it is pretty much your skin- guard against the outside world :)

When the acid mantle's intact, moisture stays locked in, and bacteria, germs & the elements stay out, keeping your skin healthy, smooth and can tolerate almost anything. 

The problem is that the acid mantle is consistently under attack as we are not living in a bubble...

So then moisture escapes through the cracks, germs & bacteria wriggle in, and your skin becomes dry, flaky & irritated.

Your skin could be compromised if you show these signs regularly 

  • Dryness/flaking 
  • Redness/inflammation
  • Sensitivity
  • Acne, breakouts & clogged pores

What could damage your acid mantle and make your skin unhappy?

  • -Harsh cosmetic products made of heavy chemicals 
  • -Over cleansing and exfoliating
  • - pollution & air-conditioning 
  • - Harsh weather &unprotected sun exposure 



Back to basics.

As dramatic as it sounds, a damaged acid mantle can be revered & repaired with not too much effort, but mainly awareness, some conscious actions and choices you can have. 

You really don't have to live with these conditions and you can get your skin soft and calm in a few steps when you take your skincare routine and products back to basics 

Simplify your skincare routine and with only a few steps- 

  • -Don't over-cleanse
  • - Exfoliate no more than once a week
  • -Stick to no more than a couple of hydrating products for your healing- period
  • -Make sure you are using the correct skincare products for your skin type.
  • Finally, as you may know it already, we would recommend trying to use only toxin-free products with a minimal ingredient list, and as natural as possible - you would be amazed seeing how your skin would react when you reduce all toxins while feeding it with goodness and pure ingredients at the same time... it pretty simple, as it similar to your gut- feed yourself well & you will see amazing results- eat junk and not nutritious food, and your body will feel accordingly... the same thing with your skincare and makeup you apply on your skin :)


Find your CESM Trio.

(Cleanser & Exfoliate - Serum - Moisturise)

Dry/Dehydrate skin types.

If your skin feels tired and tight, often is red and irritated or have scaly patches, the best is to clean your skin with a gentle cleanser like the Sooth Me Cleansing Cream as its oil base is very mild. It would leave the skin moisturised and soft. 


To prevent further drying out the skin, exfoliate just once a week. Aim for an all-natural, gentle exfoliant that dissolves dead, dry skin cells and softens the skin underneath, preparing the surface to receive the superb hydration and moisturise you will put on top. 


With your skin type, serum and moisturiser are pretty easy to choose - Make sure you keep hydrating on a clean and fresh surface (so the cream/oil will not just sit on the surface). Usually, not to overwhelm your skin and yourself, I will stick to no more than two products, and with time you can mix and change if needed/wanted.


As a serum, the Radiant Hydration would be amazing for you as it is rich in the super plumping & hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Coffee Extract that would absorb into your skin so quickly with no issue as a base for your favorited moisturiser to be applied over.


Moisturiser wise, we LOVE to use either the organic Youth Protection Day Cream that is packed with Australian native botanicals or the Super Drop Complex that is the most addictive natural face-oil you will ever try :)


Oily or combination skin types.

If you find that your skin is more on the oily side, we suggest keeping it simple. The mission is to find the right balance; Cleansing without over-drying your skin (as that is what usually would irritate the acid mantle) while moisturising without over-layering as that could block your pores even more.


The PURE YOU Cleaning Gel would suit you best if you usually wake up with oil access or even feel it during the day or if you have some unwanted breakouts as it would balance the extra oil and will leave your skin soft and ready to apply your moisturiser. 

Usually, we would suggest using it twice a day. With time, you could alternate with the Sooth Me Cream cleanser once your skin is more balanced, but start with the gel and see how its go:)


Once a week, exfoliate ( we got the Bliss Facial Polish that you probably would love) for a deeper cleanse, followed by the super hydrating Dew Tonic as a light toner.


And last, always remember to seal in moisture as many with oily skin will skip this stage as it is soooo crucial for a balanced skincare routine.


Now, with the moisturisers- our first choice at all times for oily skin ( and everyone else pretty much ) would be the Super Drop Complex.  

Once using this face oil, you would find it gives your skin the perfect balance & will happily moisture it without leaving any oily finish as you think about oil-based products. It would feed your skin with all the goodness it needs, so the body would balance itself from within and naturally reduce the excess oils.


Otherwise, if you worry about using face oil ( which you shouldn't, as all these reviews would show you), wear the Radiant Hydration Serum as a moisturiser. If you prefer something super light as that would absorb into your skin quickly, this serum will feed your skin with all minerals and vitamins it needs without feeling too heavy. 



Extra support

(to prompt the healing of your acid mantle)

Try to swap hot showers with lukewarm ones instead. Hot water can damage your acid mantle by removing naturally occurring oils.

You may also find it beneficial to reduce your time in the bath or shower to no longer than 10 minutes once a day to avoid unnecessary exposure to water, which can leave your skin drier than it was before you started the shower.


If you are indoors most days, without fresh air, try using a humidifier. Low humidity may be a factor in drying your skin. Adding moisture to the air can prevent your skin from drying. ( to prevent bacteria build-up, make sure your humidifier is easy to clean regularly )

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