Matching eyeshadow colours to your style

Eye shadows can highlight your natural eye colour or hair colour instantly. Certain colours can enhance your eye beauty but determining the right eye shadow colour for your eyes is more than just breezing through a list of possibilities. You still need to pick a shade that blends well with your skin tone and mood.

Everyone has a different eye, skin and hair colour. If you have olive skin, blue eyes and maybe blonde hair, you would need to choose an eyeshadow that enhances each element. You may also need to take into consideration what you are wearing.
Basically, eyeshadow colours…

Should be chosen on these three criteria
• Eye colour
• Skin tone
• Hair colour

The first step is to make sure you are using nice and natural products ( ingredients-wise), as most makeup has lots of nasties in them, which we are not aware of. Ensure that top-quality eye shadows with only natural ingredients are used as eyes usually are the most sensitive part and can easily get irritated.

Alit mineral cosmetic is a great brand to acquire a vast variety of eyeshadows and many beauty products that are 100% natural, toxin-free and only contain minimal ingredients.

Eye primer is a must because it help build a solid foundation and a smooth interface between your skin and the eye shadow. They should be applied before the eyeshadow as the cream will hold the powder for longer and will keep them looking the same as when you put it on – vibrant and even.


Eye Colour

Contrary to belief, never match your eyeshadow with the colour of your eyes. For example, most of the time if you have blue eyes and applying light blue shadows all over the lids it will look clumsy and not flattering.

That’s not to say that brown eyes would not Look good with brown eyeshadow. You can use it as long as you blend it with other complimentary colours to make it look more natural and effective.

Also, ensure not to put the exact same eyeshadow shade as your eyes on the area of the lid right above your iris. Try to apply that colour either on your crease, outer corner or as an eyeliner.


Skin Tone

Skin tones are generally classified into warm skin tones and cool skin tones. Warmer tones have yellow or gold undertone whereas cool tones have a blue or pink undertone.

If you have a warm skin, try colours like bronze, coral, pink, soft green, taupe or ivory. If you have cool skin tones, you should experiment with silver, pale blue, lilac, teal, dark green, turquoise, and grey.


Hair Colour

Black/Brown: Again, brunettes have an advantage as most of the eyeshadow colour suits them. From dark colours like black, browns, purples to neutrals like gold, beige or lighter shades of green and yellow all work with brunettes.

Red: Few shades of pink, black, gold, green suit redheads better than others due to the intensity of the hair colour.

Blonde: look good in fairer colours like pinks, lilacs and baby blues. Black eyeliner should be avoided as its too sharp, instead us dark black-blue or black-purples.

Never limit yourself to only the above-listed colour. There are no strict rules to follow but if you are an eye makeup beginner, these guidelines will help you narrow down which colour will suit you more than others.